Yeshiva Ketana Zichron Chaim U’Bina of Queens recently held a Zeide-Father-Son melaveh malkah for first through fifth graders in the ballroom of Ner Mordechai in Kew Gardens, with over 550 talmidim, fathers, and grandfathers in attendance.

The evening began with a delicious fleishig seudah catered by Simcha’s Gourmet. The program, while brief in time, included many memorable moments, including a timely d’var Torah from Rabbi Binyomin Kessler, menhael, about the chesed from Hashem and the beauty of having so many generations gathered, specifically noting the beauty of experiencing the hemsheich ha’doros firsthand. Rabbi Kessler concluded his remarks by thanking the rebbeim for their incredible, inspiring chinuch that they provide for every talmid.

Attendees then participated in leibedik dancing and an inspiring kumsitz, followed by dessert and bentching. Afterwards, an exciting raffle was conducted with amazing prizes, bringing a close to a marvelous melaveh malkah. An enjoyable time was had by all.

Photos by Tzvi Bennett, and Moshe Romm