In conjunction with learning the alef-beis letter hei, the kindergarten boys of Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe were treated to a visit from Hatzolah of Queens and Great Neck volunteer members Mr. Yehuda Benjamin (the brother-in-law of kindergarten student Yaakov Savetsky), Mr. Avi Stern (the father of two YTM boys), and Mr. Moshe Teicher (a dedicated community servant). Their visit coincided with Shabbos Hatzalah, which annually falls on Parshas VaYeitzei.

The volunteers brought a big bright yellow Hatzolah of Queens ambulance to the Yeshiva and explained to the boys what they do as Hatzalah members. The members showed the boys some of the equipment that Hatzalah volunteers use when helping our neighbors who are experiencing medical distress. The boys were able to go inside the ambulance for a tour! Aren’t we so lucky to be part of a community with amazing volunteers?