It was an incredible week at the Bnos Malka Academy. As the school year winds down, there were plenty of graduations taking place. The pre-school was filled with smiling faces, and children and parents beaming with pride.

In addition to the “commencement exercises,” fathers joined their daughters for a pre-Shavuos learning program. The shiur, given by Rabbi Gavriel Elbaz to the fifth through seventh grade girls, focused on understanding the origin of many of the minhagim surrounding Shavuos. Mr. Michael Salzbank, Executive Director, commented, “Having such a serious learning program in the same week of all the graduations just highlights the school’s philosophy. While we are celebrating our accomplishments, we are ever mindful that learning never ceases. Rabbi Elbaz was masterful as he wove together the history of the minhagim and the poskim.”