Middle school students and their mothers filled the lunchroom last Motza’ei Shabbat at our annual Mother-Daughter M’laveh Malkah. The lunchroom had been transformed into a regal hall for the evening, and the aroma of delicious food wafted through the air. Upbeat music played in the background, welcoming each and every guest.

The event started with a powerful speech from sought-out speaker, Mrs. Rachel Shaool, who spoke about the koach of looking at others with a good eye and the role of a wife and mother in bringing positivity, warmth, and joy into her home. “I needed to hear [Mrs.] Rachel Shaool’s message,” said one parent.

The uplifting message was followed by a moving performance by the fifth-grade girls, who sang a song about the Shabbat candles that their mothers light each week. The sixth-grade girls performed a Sh’mitah song and dance, where each girl had a chance to shine with her own solo or duet. How beautifully put-together and harmonious they sounded! The seventh-grade girls sang the song “Never Alone” by Bracha Jaffe and Shaindy Plotzker, tying in the message of Shabbat and Sh’mitah. The riveting eighth-grade finale left everyone on a high, as the girls acted out their eight years at YSZ to the song “Home” by Duvie Shapiro, depicting the transformation they underwent from their humble Pre-1A year all through their final year at YSZ. The evening ended with a mother-daughter activity, where each participant designed trendy cookie tarts, choosing from a large array of toppings.

“I am so grateful to have had this bonding time with my daughter,” one mother shared. “We had such a fun night!”

We have so much gratitude to Hashem for the inspirational and uplifting event. Special thanks to Morah Kitzia Pahlaef for organizing the event and to all the incredible YSZ teachers and parents for enhancing the experience!