It was the largest Jewish STEM event in the world!

Over 30 ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade STEM students of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls were among 1,500 Capstone presenters at the CIJE Innovation Day held on Sunday, May 19, in the Holmdel, New Jersey, headquarters of Bell Works.

The SKA students worked tirelessly throughout the year on their original and creative projects. The girls were told to propose any idea they could think of, no matter how out-of-the-box, and the STEM faculty would support them to make it happen. They came to Innovation Day highly prepared with comprehensive business plans and pitches.

While the SKA eleventh graders worked together on a remarkable drone and impressive fire extinguishing system, the ninth and tenth graders presented a variety of amazing inventions at the CIJE Tank Competition. Girls created extraordinary demonstrations of different projects, such as a vest that would warn a blind person of someone’s approach, a special protective helmet, a sterile doorknob washing system for hospitals, and a method to prevent a wheelchair from tipping over, among others.

SKA’s engineering students had an incredible year bringing their inventions to life and introducing them at the CIJE Innovation Day. Our sincere thanks go to SKA STEM faculty members Ms. Dorit Ziv and Mr. Andres Pabon for their mentoring and support.