Misaskim is about to launch a 36-hour campaign to raise $1,500,00 for the aveilim, almanos, and yesomim in the community.

But… almanos and yesomim? Misaskim? Misaskim is only about shiva, aren’t they?

Not quite so.

Long after the shiva signs, chairs, and covers have been removed, Project Yedid of Misaskim steadfastly remains at their sides.  Throughout the year, Misaskim showers the almanos and yesomim with heartwarming sparks. Sparks of support, sparks of comfort, sparks of relief. 

School supplies. Yom Tov meals. Yom Tov packages. Chol Hamoed events. Camp packages. A simcha fund. An emergency fund.

For the almanos and yesomim, each spark feels like a giant hug, making them feel embraced, cared for, and remembered.

This is in addition to the services people are more familiar with; the shiva services (with warehouses in 10 neighborhoods), meisei mitzvah and more.

These incredible services amount to an annual budget of four million dollars! At Misaskim, the responsibility is enormous, especially since they do not receive government funding. The budget is rising drastically as more families are unfortunately added to the list.

The 36-hour campaign will be starting on Wednesday, February 23, and will be live until Thursday, February 24, at midnight.

There are 3,100 almanos and yesomim who anxiously await Project Yedid’s life-changing services.

Will you help Misaskim generate those sparks? They cannot do it without you.

To be part of this vital mission, visit www.charidy.com/misaskim or call 718-540-5741.