As a religious Zionist school, the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls has always made the State of Israel a primary focus. SKA’s student initiative, the Israel Awareness Committee, has been very active in the school over the years, organizing workshops to teach students how to stand up for Israel on college campuses, showcasing speakers from the IDF and those who are victims of terrorists, and conducting fundraisers for Israelis’ needs. Annual AIPAC visits, lobbying trips to Washington, and letter-writing campaigns to advocate for Israel are some of the missions of SKA’s IAC.

This year’s IAC kickoff took place on Tuesday, October 26, with a hugely entertaining and informative Panalopy game for all grades. With rounds dealing with Israeli landmarks, prime ministers, and even food items, the multiple teams vied for the prize while learning so much about Israel. Dressed in shades of blue and white to show support for Israel, SKA students enjoyed this engaging activity, which set the tone for the start of the year’s Israel activism. The blue and white doughnuts distributed at the close of the event was a sweet symbol of the theme, as well!

Continuing Tuesday’s kickoff, the Israel Awareness Committee invited two IDF soldiers to address the entire school on Wednesday, October 27. In the very moving session about Israel’s wars and constant battles, one soldier spoke about the PTSD he suffered, while the other soldier discussed the multiple injuries he sustained. Listening to descriptions of how each soldier overcame his challenges brought greater awareness to the students as to what sacrifices were made for the State of Israel and how important connecting to Israel is.