This past week, the Rambam Mesivta concluded its epic “Among Us” Tournament. With close to 50 students participating, in the end there could only be one man left. It came down to two juniors, Akiva Lader and Zachary Sicklick, with Zachary winning the highly coveted “Championship Among Us Plaque” and Akiva taking home the Runner-Up honors.

The tournament was run by senior Daniel Steiner and junior Jake Frenkel in an effort to raise tz’dakah for OHEL Bais Ezra. Rambam has a longstanding relationship with OHEL, and normally runs an OHEL/Rambam Chavrusa Program which has been on hold due to COVID restrictions.

The contest was a nice way for the students to give back and to let their friends at OHEL know that they were thinking of them, even though, as one senior noted, “They aren’t among us.”