Rambam Mesivta students and staff sported their favorite attire for Spirit Week this past week in a fundraiser to benefit Achiezer. Students dressed both up and down for the festivities, with each day having its own theme.

The initiative was led by the Rambam Chesed Club, shepherded by Joseph Waide and Zachary Sicklick, and with the help of Jeremy Sicklick, Yaacov Lazar, Baruch Deutsch, and Yaakov Zerykier, students donated a dollar a day to Achiezer to participate.

Spirit Week kicked off on Monday with Wear Your Favorite Sports Team Gear. From Islanders to Rangers, to Mets and Yankees, to the new Miami Heat jerseys, sports fever was on display. Dovid Daskal won for “Best Dressed Sports Team Gear” and varsity basketball star Daniel Steiner was named the runner-up. All “Best Dressed” winners were given snacks to celebrate their win with the “Best Dressed of the Week” coming away with a highly coveted Rambam plaque.

“Fancy Ties/Hat Day” followed on Tuesday and was won by none other than the Rosh Mesivta himself, Rabbi Zev Meir Friedman, with Binyamin Werner, SGO Co-President a close second.

School Spirit was on full display Wednesday as students came fully clad in school-themed shirts, sweatpants, and sweatshirts. Students were mostly dressed in red and black, the school colors, and every team and club from hockey, to flag football, to Mock Trial, Writers’ Guild, Masmidim, and more was being “repped.” Junior Yaakov Zerykier won “Best Dressed Rambam Gear” with sophomore Boaz Duftler coming in second, thanks to his throwback gear.

Thursday was an opportunity for the students to share their favorite Hobby/Movie/TV Show on “Hobby Dress-Up Day.” Benny Herskowitz, dressed as Office legend Dwight Schrute, was the winner; Dovid Daskal came in as runner-up.

As the week came to a close, “Crazy Hat Day” arrived and Dovid Daskal won again, with Ami Dube, dressed as Slash, and Yaakov Zerykier sharing runner-up honors.

After a hotly contested vote amongst the Chesed Committee, there was a run-off election with Binyamin Werner emerging as the “Best Dressed of the Week” and Dovid Daskal ranking right behind him.

It was a spirited week that was about style and the substance of giving back and seeing beyond oneself.