The Yeshiva of Central Queens Torah Bowl team, after a season of preparation by their excellent coaches and a season of hard work and successful competitions, is heading to the playoffs. Early in the season, the students learned the parshiyos of Sh’mini and Acharei Mos and their respective Rashis. In Sh’mini, they learned about the deaths of Aharon’s two sons, Nadav and Avihu, and about the kosher and non-kosher animals and how to tell which are kosher. In Acharei Mos, team-members discussed various korbanos, their laws, and how and when to offer up a sacrifice. After winning their first and second competition, Gabriella Badalov, a team-member, said, “When we won, I felt very proud and accomplished. I realized that if you try hard, you will succeed.”

On Thursday, February 6, YCQ competed in their third Torah Bowl meet. The students studied the parshiyos of K’doshim and Emor. In K’doshim, they learned various laws and their punishments. In Emor, it talks about kohanim and for whose funeral they can become impure for. The meet was held at Ramaz. The YCQ girls team went on to easily handle Manhattan Day School (twice), the Yeshivah of Flatbush, and Ramaz, as well. Eva Kofsky, a team-player, said, “When we won our last game before the playoffs, all of us were excited because our hard work paid off and helped us win all the games this year so far.”

The YCQ girls’ team plowed through the competition, winning all four of its games while never trailing behind. The YCQ boys’ team won three of its four games and had a great season. All the students worked hard preparing, and their hard work certainly showed. The YCQ girls’ team ended the season in first place with a perfect score of 12-0. Next stop… the playoffs.

By Channah Owadeyah (grade 7)