The YCQ Junior High School (JHS) created an unprecedented moment of solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Israel. Over the past three weeks, since we learned about the horrors inflicted upon our people in Israel, the YCQ JHS has been turning our focus to Israel through t’filah, talmud Torah, chesed, political activism, and learning about the history of our homeland. We have also sent supplies to Israel and letters to soldiers, victims, and politicians. We have done everything but actually gone to Israel, which was not practical. So, what did we do? We brought Israel to YCQ!

On Thursday, October 26, the YCQ JHS participated in a special program in which 300 students turned the yard into a huge map of Israel. Students stood along the “borders” of Israel and had the opportunity to see themselves creating the map of Israel that was celebrated by taking drone pictures and videos of our students unyielding total commitment to Israel.

The “YCQ Stands with Israel” moment included T’hilim, t’filos, slow and fast songs, a lot of blue and white, to celebrate our love and commitment. It was one of those special unity moments, culminating a period of intense learning about the map and history of Israel and the unity and camaraderie that Israel creates for the Jewish people.

Many thanks to the individuals and teams that made this event happen, including the security, facilities, and technology teams, as well as Mr. Jacob Grossman, Mrs. Jen Jaffe, and Rabbi Ophie Nat, as well as Mr. Izzi Pourad for his expert drone photography.

Am Yisrael Chai!

By Rabbi Stephen Knapp