The students at the Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens, from first graders through eighth graders, are learning science with hands-on activities to make science come to life! The first graders explored the water cycle and watched with awe as solid water, or ice, melted when heat was added to it. Liquid water was turned into steam when more heat was added. The girls can’t wait to begin their next science unit!

The fourth graders learned about matter on a more complex level. They discussed physical and chemical changes to matter. The girls experimented with physical changes to paper and Cheerios. They noted that the paper and the Cheerios were still the same kinds of matter, even if they were crushed or torn. That brought home the idea of physical change. The girls experimented with chemical change as they mixed baking soda and vinegar. They watched as something new was created, the gas bubbles flowed to the top of the container and then over. The excitement was palpable as each group eagerly watched its cup “explode” with a chemical reaction. Some girls were excited to try the experiment again at home!

The sixth and seventh graders are working really hard on their science fair projects. The girls work individually or in pairs to come up with a scientific question. After researching and hypothesizing, they design experiments to test their hypotheses. The girls eagerly anticipate the BYQ Annual Science Fair when they can display their beautiful triboards with all the information of their experiments and research. We can’t wait for the big night! Science is always fun and hands-on at the Bais Yaakov of Queens!