On Sunday, December 22, fathers and grandfathers of Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe’s third grade joined together with their sons to celebrate the start of the boys learning Mishnayos. Rabbi Bookson, the Assistant Menahel, started the program, explaining to the boys the importance of learning Torah She’b’al Peh. Rabbi May, the Menahel, spoke to the boys about the importance of mesorah and that the Mishnah is the next step in the chain.

Rabbi Bookson then gave the boys a taste of the depth of the Mishnah as he learned the beginning of the Mishnah with the boys. The mesibah ended with festive dancing in honor of the simchah, accompanied by music. The boys were then treated to pizza, chocolate milk, and doughnuts to celebrate this milestone.

Rabbi Bookson made a special offer of a prize to any boy who can recite Perek Arvei P’sachim b’al peh before the end of the school year. The Yeshiva thanks the Granek, Itzkowitz, Jakubowicz, and Lisker families for sponsoring the Mishnayos annually in memory of their father, Rabbi Stanley Metzger.