On Friday, April 5, the Yeshiva of Central Queens students in grades five through eight and faculty headed to the gym to watch the rebbeim play the student team members of the YCQ Varsity Basketball Team in the annual Rebbe-Talmid Game. The rebbeim and the students played in a four-quarter basketball game. The players were excited to play, and the students were so excited to watch the long-awaited game.

Grade 6 student Eitan Bitton said, “I thought the rebbeim were going to win because they were very competitive.” Daniel Yushuvayev scored the most points for the talmidim, and Rabbi Rohr, grade five rebbe, had the most points for the rebbeim. Though both teams played hard and at moments it was close, in the end the rebbeim won over their students, and they keep their title, remaining the reigning champs.

 By Ben Kochman, grade 6