With the inauguration of the SKA Beit Midrash Fellowship Program, the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls pioneered an outstanding initiative last year that contributed to the vibrant Torah atmosphere of the school while developing impactful Judaic educators. This year, with the extensive renovation of the SKA Library, the program has been broadened to include a fresh and creative space, increased hours and added responsibilities for its participants.

Passionate about the field of Jewish education, SKA Fellows Sara Bienenstock, Rivka Hirsch, and Sarah Levinson join the SKA faculty full time. In addition to being teachers in SKA classrooms, they will be available throughout the day for one-on-one learning in the new SKA Beit Midrash and Learning Commons. Under the guidance of Mrs. Avital Braun, Rosh Beit Midrash, the Fellows will continue to contribute to the dynamic Torah spirit at SKA while enhancing their own development as successful educators. In addition to outstanding Torah classes on Zoom from notable educators, the Fellows will attend shiurim given by SKA limudei kodesh faculty members Rabbi Isaac Rice, Mrs. Beaty Menchel, and Mrs. Avital Braun on how to build and prepare lessons on Tanach, machshavah, and halachah.

The newly-modernized SKA Beit Midrash and Learning Commons will offer SKA students a warm and inviting environment to enhance their learning and meet with the Fellows, teachers, and chavrusas. With both the expanded Fellowship program and our upgraded surroundings, the overall Torah-learning atmosphere at SKA will be even more elevated than before!

SKA’s Shabbos Shuva Inspiration Program, to be held at HALB’s Elementary School on Shabbos, September 11, is being planned by the Beit Midrash Fellows who will be leading shiurim throughout the day.  Open to SKA mothers, alumna and current students, there will also be satellite programs held in Queens, Brooklyn, West Hempstead, and Great Neck.  The expanded SKA Beit Midrash Fellowship is off to a great start!