Thursday, October 31, was the Yeshiva of Central Queens’ first Torah Bowl meet of the year. The meet was held at YCQ. The students from each of the participating yeshivos were asked hundreds of questions on the parshiyos of Vayikra and Tzav and their respective Rashis.

Parshas Vayikra discusses animal sacrifices and flour scarifies. It explains how to offer them and who may and may not eat from them. Parshas Tzav is a continuation of Vayikra. It discusses the rules and offerings brought during the seven days during which Moshe initiates Aharon and his sons into being kohanim. The team members worked hard with their coaches, learning all aspects of these parshiyos.

The YCQ girls’ team went on to easily handle Ramaz (twice), and the Yeshivah of Flatbush and Manhattan Day School, as well. The YCQ girls’ team plowed through the competition, winning all four of its games while never trailing behind. Elmira Kohen, grade 7, said, “It feels amazing to win, because we see how all of our hard work pays off.”

The YCQ boys’ team did an amazing job winning three out of four matches. All of the YCQ students came to the meet prepared and ready for the challenge. The students have started learning Sh’mini and Acharei Mos in preparation for the next meet. Stay tuned for the exciting results of our upcoming matches as the students work hard to make it to the Torah Bowl championships.

by Sarah and Chana Owadeyah, grade 7