A number of rebbeim and Rambam Mesivta families opened their sukkos to the Rambam talmidim for singing, divrei Torah, and delicious food over this past chag.

On the second day of Chol HaMoed Sukkos, Rabbi Dr. Andrew Sicklick hosted his Annual Simchas Beis HaShoeivah at the Sicklick sukkah in Woodmere. All the boys in Rabbi Sicklick’s 11th grade Gemara shiur were invited to come and partake in the festivities. The students were greeted at the door with a pizza dinner and other tasty snacks. The night was highlighted by some inspiring divrei Torah prepared by several students. In addition, Rabbi Sicklick shared his own d’var Torah on the machlokes as to what the meaning of Sukkos actually is. The divrei Torah expounded around the table led to considerable discussion, as everyone enjoyed dinner together. As the meal wore down, the class took a picture to commemorate the night and bentched together. All in all, it was an enlightening and unforgettable night for 11B.

Rabbi Yitzchak Knoll also went above and beyond, this past Sukkos, when he met up with alumni in Israel and brought them that Rambam flavor. Meaningful singing and divrei Torah were shared as the alumni were reunited with their rebbe from “Senior Year.” Rabbi Ari Boiangiu also met up with his shiur at Sammy Pollack’s house. With his guitar in hand, he was joined by sophomore Ilan Kinsberg and his guitar, as they sang the night away with the rest of Rabbi Boiangiu’s shiur.

Even though school was not in session, the connection between rebbe and talmid was still deeply felt over the break.

By Eitan Markovitz