Residents of the brand- new, luxury neighborhood of Ramat Givat Zeev were excited by the opening of the school year, with first-graders attending the newly established, local state chareidi school, under the very skilled leadership of principal Rabbi Avraham Horowitz.

The first residents who settled in the new, beautiful neighborhood last year were promised that they would have an educational solution within a year, and indeed, that promise was kept, similar to the other commitments that were made regarding infrastructures, parks& gardens, and community services. 

The classrooms are located in a stunning, climate-controlled building, in keeping with the superior standards evident throughout the area. Although temporary, the school still offers all the conveniences and necessary amenities, and most importantly, the high level of instruction in both kodesh and chol that Anglos demand in an educational institution.  The permanent school, now under construction, is on the same street, and is planned to be a magnificent, a state-of-the-art facility, for which the Israeli government has earmarked NIS 26 million.

The school’s principal, Rabbi Horowitz, is an esteemed member of the community and well known in Israel and throughout the world. A graduate of Yeshivas Mir, he built up an educational empire in Chile’s Jewish community, devoting himself to the advancement of the local Jewish population for 25 years before moving back to Israel and settling in Ramat Givat Ze’ev.

Parents in Ramat Givat Ze’ev are enthusiastic about the new school and have only words of praise for those involved.  “We found a neighborhood that gave us much more than a home,” says Mali Pomp. “What we found here was a community that takes care of all our needs, from religious services to community and educational facilities and even leisure. We don’t take it for granted and are very grateful.”