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Sometimes you can write about something you heard about and it’s meaningful, but when you actually see it up close, then there is so much more to say. Chazaq and Chickens for Shabbos partnered up for an incredible mitzvah. Monthly, there is a distribution at Congregation Ner Mordechai in Kew Gardens of all sorts of household items for m’lamdim, and the most recent distributions were also for g’rushos. Past ones were also for almanos. This mitzvah is being executed in a beautiful way, and it’s definitely giving Hashem nachas. He should bless Chazaq and Chickens for Shabbos for their efforts on behalf of our community and klal Yisrael.

On Sunday evening, March 7, Let’s Get Real with Coach Menachem featured its 44th shiur. Rabbi Naftali Horowitz shared wise advice on all aspects of finances and the proper Torah perspective on money. Rabbi Horowitz shared his own background and how he moved into the job he does currently. He works as a manager at JPMorgan and advises people who are wealthy. He noted, “The money aspect is the easiest part of the job. The real challenge is the emotional and psychological things that money does to people.” He shared something that we all know, which is that money does not correlate to happiness and fulfillment or peace of mind. The Gemara teaches that thousands of times.

On Tuesday evening, February 9, Chazaq and Chickens for Shabbos held another beautiful distribution at Congregation Ner Mordechai in Kew Gardens, this time dedicated l’zeicher nishmas Zalman ben Yosef. The focus this time was on m’lamdim, moros, and g’rushos. Chazaq worked with Sister to Sister, a comprehensive resource and support network for Jewish divorced women, and invited women from this network to attend. We have written about the details of the distributions in previous articles. This article will focus on the way this help is offered. The volunteers spend hours unboxing and sorting donated items by size and item. On the day of the distribution there is a volunteer for every table. This makes it possible for each person who comes to be greeted with a smile. Robbie Aboff, Chazaq Events Coordinator, explained, “We want people to be excited to come. We want to give back to the community.”