Central faculty and administration are constantly searching for ways to identify and develop student talent. With this in mind, the school is partnering with Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks-Herenstein Center for Values and Leadership to launch its newest initiative: the Central Leadership Track. Based on the idea that leadership is less a mysteriously acquired talent and more a learned asset that can be shaped with education and experience, the track is designed to locate and nurture students who are interested in becoming leaders both within and outside the Central community.

The point person for the project within YU’s Office for Values and Leadership is Program Director for Leadership Scholars (and former Central Associate Principal) Mrs. Aliza Abrams Konig. At Central, the program is led by current Central Associate Principal Ms. Leah Moskovich, who stressed the importance of Central’s collaboration with the university.

“We are so excited to strengthen our connection with YU through the leadership track,” said Ms. Moskovich. “Our students are so lucky to be able to learn from some of the best leaders in the Modern Orthodox community.”

Along with a tailored curriculum, the track will pair Central students with YU Leadership Scholars for mentorship and host Student Leadership Training Workshops with guest speakers such as Dr. Erica Brown, Vice Provost for Values and Leadership at YU and founding director of the Sacks-Herenstein Center, and Rabbi Ari Rockoff, the David Mitzner Community Dean for Values and Leadership at YU. These seminars will provide students with inspiration and valuable real-life experience. The program’s ultimate goal: to produce young women who will be informed, creative, and compassionate leaders within the Jewish community.

Central Student Ambassadors, members of the school’s Government Organization (G.O.), and Central F.I.R.E. fellows will take part in this new track. Senior Aviva Kessock spoke to the tremendous potential of this new program. “I hope to gain a stronger connection to the larger student body from this opportunity,” she said. “As F.I.R.E. Fellows, we get to help create exciting school-wide programs immersed in Jewish values,” said senior Aviva Kessock. “My goal as a F.I.R.E. Fellow is to instill a deeper love for Judaism throughout Central, and raise the ruach and excitement for religious activities.”