On Tuesday, January 3, the Chazaq Organization was proud to have hosted Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, Executive Vice President of Agudath Israel of America at the Chazaq Headquarters.

Rabbi Zwiebel met with Chazaq’s President Rabbi Yaniv Meirov about the history, present, and future of the organization and all of the important work they do.

Rabbi Zwiebel praised Chazaq for their commitment to bringing people together to strengthen and enhance the Jewish community. He also expressed his gratitude to Chazaq’s dedication to inspiring and educating the next generation of Jews.

“The incredible work they’ve done in having children…leave public school and enroll in yeshivos,” said Rabbi Zwiebel, “and providing shiurim constantly, providing chizuk, and social services, Chazaq is one of the amazing organizations in klal Yisrael today. It’s such a privilege to be connected with it.”

Agudath Israel of America and Chazaq have worked together for many years on a variety of projects, and this visit looks to be a springboard to many more projects in the future. This visit is a testament to the strong relationship between Agudath Israel and Chazaq, and it demonstrates their joint commitment to the Jewish community.

While at the Chazaq Headquarters, Rabbi Zwiebel joined Rabbi Meirov as a special guest on Chazaq’s Torah Talks Podcast, which in which they discuss various important matters.

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