This week, we unfortunately experienced a tremendous loss. Liel Dina Namdar a”h, a 15-year-old pure and innocent girl, was murdered by a drunk driver. She had been on her way back from a camp reunion at the time of the accident. Liel was a sophomore at the Torah Academy for Girls in Far Rockaway. The community is still reeling from this shock and tragic loss.

Liel was full of happiness and energy and always displayed the midah of simchas ha’chayim. Anyone who met Liel remembers her beautiful smile. Her optimism was contagious, and she always spread good vibes. She displayed a caring personality and was a true tzadekes. At her l’vayah, it was mentioned that Liel called her friends every day to remind them to daven Minchah and never missed a day of chavrusa class. She always cared about her growth and cared about the growth of others. Liel felt a strong need to help others to grow in Torah and mitzvos.

This month, we mourn the beginning of the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash. Our Rabbis teach us that the sin’as chinam was brought on by the lashon ha’ra, the slander of Jews by other Jews, which ultimately caused the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash.

In Liel’s z’chus, let us come together in unity, and love one another, in spite of our differences. Let’s forgive and forget, drop the drama, and love everyone. We are all brothers and sisters with one Father. Let’s make Him proud enough to finally redeem us. If the Beis HaMikdash was destroyed due to baseless hatred, the only way to rebuild it is through baseless love.

May the Namdar and Cohen families be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim.


List of People Who Need a R’fuah Sh’leimah (a complete recovery)

Please recite Psalms 20, 30, 88, 121, and 130.

Boris Baruch ben Frecha Frida

Chaim Avraham ben Shifrah Zisel

Shimshon Shimon ben Mazal

Aharon Mordechai ben Sharon

Yaakov Yisrael Pinchas ben Tovah

Yisachar Dov ben Chayah Brachah

Tinok ben Chanah

Azriel ShemTov ben Brachah Esther

Shmuel Aryeh ben Sarah Rachel

Ronny Tzalach ben Simchah

Shmuel Aryeh ben Sarah Rachel

Moshe ben Devorah

Yehoshua ben Miriam

Yosef ben Leah

Nisan ben Yael

Efrayim Gavriel ben Esther

Chaim Yehudah HaLevi ben Sarah

Refael Meir HaLevi ben Esther

Mordechai ben Evelyn

David Chaim ben Rivkah

Moshe Leib ben Chanah Breindel

Eynav ben Tziporah

Yair ben Sarah

Moshe ben Zlata

Yishai Shimon ben Sigal

Shmuel ben Nazima

Yaakov Yisrael Pinchas ben Tovah

Nissim ben Miriam

Levi ben Malkah

Yigal ben Nina

Arthur Avraham ben Bella Berta

Ezra Refael ben Taoos Miriam

Evon bas Sally

Luna bas Rachel

Malkah bas Miriam

Tovah Yocheved bas Esther Bukas

Ruchamah Perel Malkah Leah bas Chanah Serel

Esther Hadassah bas Devorah

Ronit bas Rivkah

Mahnaz bas Nosrat

Sylia bas Rachel

Karen bas Rachel

Shoshanah Shurah bas Zin

Sonia bas Raya Rachel

Tinok bas Chanah Moriyah

Brachah Chanah bas Sarah

Devorah bas Esther

Batya bas Moonavar

Sarah bas Alizah

Chavah bas Bayla

Bella Berta bas Raya Rachel

Taliah Tanya bas Nina Nekadam

Raya Rachel bas Esther

Alizah Sima bas Sheina Brachah

Rivkah bas Sarah

Rachel bas Yaffah

Mehrnaz bas Malkah Molouk

Gittel Feige bas Miriam Sarah

Sally Ronit bas Taoos Miriam

Masha bas Ansha Beila

Miriam bas Ina Pesya Yocheved

Chanah Elianah bas Naomi

To add names of individuals who need a r’fuah sh’leimah to next week’s T’hilim column, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and complete the Google form.