Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa has an astounding amount of name recognition. Nearly everyone Sliwa encountered had wonderful memories and thoughts to share. Sliwa is no stranger to Kew Gardens Hills, having regularly shopped at Seasons Supermarket when they first opened. During his visit, Sliwa reminisced of Yiddish terms that stood out over the years and pledged to be the answer for New York City’s rehabilitation. Unlike other mayoral candidates, Sliwa spent the better part of three hours speaking with hundreds of locals, stopping for photos, and sharing memories.

Sliwa, with the help of the Queens County Republican Patriots, namely David Abraham, Phil Orenstein, and Daniel Noble, spent hours distributing food at the Lev Aharon Community Food Pantry operated by the Chazaq Organization and Met Council. Sliwa was moved by the sheer number of needy, and that the organizations that are Jewish in nature give of their time to service a mostly non-Jewish customer base. Sliwa also took the time to record a campaign video on recent news from the site.

Afterwards, Sliwa walked to Bagel Boss of Queens at Main Street and Jewel Avenue, where he met more eager voters. Sliwa was also joined by Republican candidates Danniel Maio, who’s running for Queens Borough President, and Angelo King, who’s a candidate for City Council in District 24.

 By Shabsie Saphirstein
Photo Credit: Israel Peskowitz