Here we go again! A new season, and a whole new set of Pantone colors. For those not familiar with Pantone, it’s the color reference system that predicts the most popular colors each season, and is located in Carlstadt, New Jersey. Their influence on the fashion, home goods, and cosmetic industries is global. This is because color is probably the single most powerful communication tool that influences consumer purchases. Pantone culls its inspiration from daily life, and graciously informs us of the resplendent array of new hues to tickle our fancy. The seasonal shades dominate from the runways to the retail stores, and eventually wind up in your closets. It’s as though a memo goes out to all the designers, fashion houses and the beauty industry directing them as to which colors should be featured in their collections.

The Pantone shades this season are rich with fall reds, as well as unexpected lighter and softer colors. From hot and spicy Chili Pepper to Galaxy Blue, the colors range from sophisticated to bold, many evoking a warm feeling. Fall 2019’s new colors are both beautiful and wearable, with something to please everyone’s palette.

Chili Pepper: This vibrant shade is the newest red for fall 2019 and will stimulate your palette the way chili pepper enhances your taste buds.

Biking Red: A deep, warm shade of burgundy red that is powerful but not as vibrant. It will probably make a great handbag color as well.

Crème De Peche: A faint, light, and soft shade of peach that is understated and can be worn as a transitional color.

Peach Pink: This light but more energetic warm shade of peachy pink is an unusual color for fall.

Rocky Road: A rich brown that flatters many skin tones and is almost like an indulgent chocolate bar.

Fruit Dove: A vibrant and wearable pink that’s not overwhelming. Some call it the extroverted pink. This is a shade I simply adore that adds life to one’s complexion.

Sugar Almond: It’s a sweet, smoky brown with a burnt orange undertone, which makes it an excellent option for fall.

Dark Cheddar: A sharp color that enhances its brightness with a bit of orange. It’s definitely a fun color.

Galaxy Blue: A beautiful, bright, and wearable shade of blue that works well with most complexions.

Blue Stone: Here’s an easy and effortless color to wear. It’s a cool, neutral shade and lighter than most fall colors.

Orange Tiger: A bright and energetic orange, it’s full of life. It’s a perfect color for the fearless and gutsy gals, or a great accessory if you’re not as daring.

Eden: The ideal shade of forest green that happens to look great on brunettes.

Cranberry: This resembles the color of red fruit punch and is another fun choice.

Merlot: A stunning reddish wine shade that’s similar to a nice glass of wine.

Summer Fig: A plush warm red with a tinge of orange. It’s lively yet not overbearing.

Crabapple: A rose-tinged orange that is not only unique, but also an unusual color for fall.

Chicory Coffee: It’s the richest and deepest fall shade on the palette. You can warm up with this coffee color.

Antique Moss: This is a tricky name for a yellow-based green, which is quite bright. It resembles the leaves as they’re ready to fall off the trees during autumn.

Forest Biome: The richest, warmest shade of green is definitely a wearable color.

Hazel: A soft brown and mellow warm shade that has a touch of sepia mixed in, to lend an unexpected twist to fall’s palette.

Butterscotch: This orange-tinted golden yellow is a warm and delicious color that’s wearable as well. Count me in for this one.

Grapeade: This muted, cool mauvy purple is soft and unassuming and is a change from the usual purple found during fall.


Pantone’s Classics and Neutrals

Vanilla Custard: A soft white-toned beige that makes a nice dressy shirt and works as a complementary color to any chic outfit.

Evening Blue: This rich and deep blue resembles the nighttime sky and suits most complexions.

Paloma: This elegant and understated cool and suave shade of gray has simplicity, yet endures and looks best on blondes.

Guacamole: This vibrant green with a neon touch allows you to have your avocado without eating it.

Rutabaga: Beige has now been reinvented, and its name does not do it justice. Welcome to the newest neutral, a beigy off-white, which is elegant and is making its way for evening and party wear.

Green Olive: A beautiful new olive that has become this season’s standard green.

Frost Gray: A medium and versatile shade of gray that represents consistency in the fall spectrum.

Fall 2019 is anything but boring! The power of color goes a long way and can even liven up a dull complexion without requiring lots of makeup. Read next week’s issue for “The Face of Fall” and discover how to incorporate the latest makeup trends from runway to reality.

Risselle Naimark is a Professional Freelance Makeup Artist and Skincare Consultant. She carries an extensive line of personalized skincare, cosmetics, and anti-aging products. Risselle is also available for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, makeup lessons, and all of your beauty needs. She can be reached at 718 263-5517.