Connecting Past, Present, and Future…

YSZ HS Girls prepared for Pesach with an inspiring yom iyun that focused on mesorah. We are a link in the chain. Each year, we sit down at the Seder and we connect generations to each other: grandparents, parents, and grandchildren. It is this tradition that connects the past to the present and the future.

The high school invited grandmothers to share their stories of sacrifice and history for this incredible Yom Iyun Heritage Day. Together, they discussed the importance of Torah, faith, and family. Students and their grandmothers enjoyed a wonderful brunch, made beautiful scrapbooks about emunah, and heard from Rabbi Akiva Rutenberg, founder and CEO at Emet Outreach.

After the grandmothers left, the students spent the remainder of the day preparing for the Seder in round-robin café-style sessions with their teachers about the Haggadah. One student remarked, “I learned so much today from my grandmother! She and my grandfather truly sacrificed to keep Torah, have a Seder, say brachos. It reminds me how important this all is!” Another student said, “Wow! I feel like my brain was really stretched today. It was so inspiring!