Hadar Bet Yaakov, Queens’ newest community Beis Yaakov high school, kicked off the year with Rosh HaShanah apple picking, apple crisp baking, and a very special Zoom session with Atria seniors. Girls went to Davie’s Farm in Monsey to pick their own apples and enjoy a hayride while learning the history of the farm dating back to the late 1800s. They enjoyed the follow-up Yom Tov prep activity, where they peeled and cut up apples and then made crisp topping in the mixer to make their own apple crisps for Yom Tov.

The most important activity was the Zoom chesed event, where girls “visited” virtually with seniors in coordination with Gregory Slingluff, social director of Atria Senior Living. Mr. Slingluff gives residents a tablet that they can use to Zoom-visit with HBY students. Girls broke up into smaller groups so speaking with residents could feel more personally connected as they exchanged stories and got to know one another. They were excited to talk about apple picking to the seniors, and some of the girls told about climbing several trees to pick the high apples. One of the women remarked that tree climbing seemed scary, but the girls assured her that the high apples were the most fun to pick.