The juniors headed to Flushing Meadows Park on Wednesday morning for some out-of-the-classroom learning. Faculty members Mr. Yitzchok Borenstein, Mrs. Marci Karoll, Mr. Yadin Klein, and Dr. Gili Nagar organized an “Amazing Race,” in which students had to complete various academic tasks, including determining the velocity of a rocket launch, writing with nature-related vocabulary, and figuring out how to use a 40-foot string and a log to create a shape of the largest possible area. Students also had to make use of the various landmarks and monuments in the park; they used the Unisphere to answer geography questions and researched the history of the park to understand its place in New York City history. “I really like this kind of learning,” said Rebecca Friedman. “It allows you to get more involved and experience the subjects.” Jessica Friedman added, “It was so great to be outside and active, and it was a great opportunity to bond with my grade.”