It was an evening of unity and inspiration when mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends gathered at Congregation Bet El in Fresh Meadows. Over 120 women followed directions as Mrs. Leah Abramov guided them through the steps of baking challah. While waiting for the challahs to rise, the crowd formed a circle and Daniella Bababekov, an Emet student, sang a beautiful rendition of Sh’ma Yisrael. Perry Arabov, another student, set the tone of t’filah in the room, and that encouraged everyone to take a few moments to pray. The women also joined together to light candles.

Rabbi Nissim Musheyev, Emet Community Development Director, gave everyone chizuk and wished the group a Shanah Tovah on behalf of the Emet Staff. As Emet student Elina Fatakhov got up to lead the brachah for hafrashas challah, she took the moment to also thank the Emet team. Of particular note was Ms. Shira Fendel, Emet Women’s Director, who made the night possible.

Tova Itschakov blew everyone away as she shared her spiritual journey with the women and described how she is entering Rosh HaShanah with a steadfast commitment to Shabbos. Emotions were heightened further after hearing the incredible story from the main speaker, Charlene Aminoff of Gali’s Wigs. The night ended with everyone saying Nishmas together and then dancing.

“The most touching part of the evening for me and the other Emet staff was seeing our students, the future leaders of klal Yisrael, literally giving their heart and soul to this event,” said Sara Basiratmand Benyamin, Emet Program Director. “Planning began in the home of Mrs. Mira Gavriel, who helped guide the students even with a small baby. Sharona Rafailova really outdid herself and managed the entire event with all its many details, which enabled the evening to run smoothly and successfully. It was a wonderful way to welcome the new year.”