Purim Carnival at Bnos Malka during COVID: How is that possible? The eighth grade demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in organizing and facilitating a COVID-style carnival that was enjoyed by all!

The fun began in the eighth grade classrooms where the students packaged carnival boxes for each classroom. The boxes included a carnival-themed tablecloth, pickles, chocolate chips, fluff, soda, candy grams, gum, and much more. They were organized with detail along with a paper explaining all of the booths.

On the day of the carnival, all students came dressed in costume. The eighth grade spread out in the lunchroom and streamed the carnival live to the classrooms through the use of high-tech video equipment and Zoom. For each booth, eighth grade students led by explaining what to do. Teachers in the classrooms then led the booths, with their students allowing students to participate and enjoy all of the treats. Although different from the usual, great fun was had by all, bringing great Purim spirit to Bnos Malka.