A couple of months ago, Senator Chuck Schumer held a Zoom meeting with Jewish community leaders and activists outlining his role as the incoming Senate Majority Leader, and the position’s impact on funding Jewish institutions. This week, the self-described “Shomer Israel” delivered results, inserting $2.75 billion in support in the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

This past Sunday, a leading expert on vaccination spoke at a forum sponsored by more than a dozen Jewish organizations, seeking to encourage the public to take the shot against COVID-19. Among the sponsors was the Queens Jewish Link. “There are many legitimate questions that people have about vaccines,” said COVID Plasma Initiative cofounder Chaim M. Lebovits. “On the other side, there are some rumors that are flat out false and have absolutely no basis in truth.”

Expectations of never having to experience a blizzard is one reason for moving to Texas, and last week’s deep freeze exposed a woefully unprepared infrastructure that resulted in power outages and burst pipes. Former members of the Queens Jewish community living in Texas spoke about the Arctic blast as an unexpected disaster in a state that is better known for facing tornadoes and hurricanes.

The race for the 24th City Council District is not over yet. Although Councilman Jim Gennaro was sworn into office on February 18, it was to finish the final year of his predecessor Rory Lancman’s term, as he had resigned to take a job with the State. Starting this week, Gennaro and other candidates seeking a full four-year term in this district are petitioning for the June 22 primary.

A decade ago, the scene at a Masbia food pantry appeared relaxed in comparison to today. The original Queens location in Rego Park had the look of a restaurant for individuals in need of a meal. They were served in a dignified setting, staffed by volunteers during the afternoon hours. The economic downturn that resulted from the coronavirus pandemic turned a trickle into a flood of demand for kosher meal packages.