A year after the coronavirus abruptly forced Jewish families to change their getaway plans in favor of staying home, kosher resorts and hotels have reopened with guidelines involving eating separately, sitting at a distance from other guests, and wearing masks at most indoor events. After a year of working and learning at home, the pent-up desire to travel meant that children had to be trained to remain in their seats and keep their masks on for the duration of the flight.

 In the first year of the coronavirus pandemic, any of us can speak of a theater, museum, library, or any other cultural venue that was closed out of an “abundance of caution.” When some of these places reopened, we were curious to see how they adapted to social distancing and simply to reconnect to elements of New York that brought us back to a normal time. A couple of weeks ago, the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on the west side of Manhattan reopened to the public, in time for a Chol HaMoed outing.

As long as there have been Jewish divorces, there have been examples of men who withheld a get as a form of leverage. To the astonishment of the average person, these men would live for years, sometimes decades, in refusal of rabbinical courts while living ostensibly observant lives. In recent years, the days preceding Purim have been used to amplify agunah cases in public, with rallies at the homes of recalcitrant husbands. This year, the voices of advocacy did not fade after Purim.

Last year, when many Jewish newspapers posted cancellations of Pesach resort programs, and others entirely scrapped their Chol HaMoed travel sections, the Queens Jewish Link published a staycation guide that highlighted local parks where one can commune with nature, taking a break from Zoom classes and GoToMeetings. Since then, most public attractions around New York have reopened with caution, which involves mandatory masks, temperature checks, and limited capacity. The New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows remains closed to the public, while Liberty Science Center requires reservations days in advance of a visit.

NYC Mayoral Hopeful Tours KGH After Rosenthal Endorsement

The excitement of the press conference where Assemblyman Daniel Rosenthal endorsed Andrew Yang for mayor is not unusual for the candidate. Seemingly everywhere he goes, there is interest in this non-politician running for the nation’s most high-profile mayoralty.