Question: May one make a shalom zachar in a shul, or must it be in the house with the baby?

 Short Answer: Ideally, a shalom zachar should only take place in the house of the newborn and with the baby present. However, if that is difficult, there is certainly room to be lenient and hold the shalom zachar in a shul or another location. Accordingly, if the parents of the newborn and the newborn are still in the hospital, some have the custom to still make a shalom zachar without them.

Nachisa b’chasd’cha am zu ga’alta, neihalta b’oz’cha el n’vei kodshecha.

You guided in Your kindness this people that You redeemed, You led with Your might to Your holy abode.

T’vi’eimo v’sita’eimo b’har nachalas’cha…

You shall bring them and implant them on the mount of Your heritage, the foundation of Your dwelling-place, which You, Hashem, have made: the sanctuary, Hashem, that Your hands established.