In the last segment, we mentioned that the words of the Shemoneh Esrei were written by the 120 Anshei K’neses HaG’dolah (the Men of the Great Assembly), which included prophets. HaRav Chaim Volozhin writes (Ruach Chaim, Avos 1:2) that the words rise to the most exalted part of the world. These words were designed by Hashem to achieve great impact merely by our focusing on each word before we say it, as discussed in the last segment.

We will, b’ezras Hashem, return to the brachah of Yotzeir HaM’oros. We are continuing this week with a special segment, because klal Yisrael as a whole – and so many individuals – are in dire need of our tefilos right now.

This segment will conclude our special series. We plan, b’ezras Hashem, to resume segments on Yotzeir HaM’oros next week.

We begin with two fundamental questions on Tefilah, which will lead us to the primary purpose of Tefilah and perhaps the most important aspect of Tefilah.