I will be forever grateful to Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum for transforming Mizmor L’Sodah from a paragraph said rather quickly, trying to keep pace with the minyan, to a joyous song of gratitude that I look forward to singing (quietly) each morning. Rabbi Kestenbaum quoted the Shulchan Aruch (Orach Chayim, siman 51), which I had not remembered or successfully applied in my davening up to the point that I heard his shiur (short shiurim on tefilah, available on Torah Anytime). The Beis Yosef (quoting the Orchos Chayim; the Ri bar Yakar and the Levush note the same idea) writes that it is a mitzvah to draw out Mizmor L’Sodah in song and sing it.

Laasos bahem mishpat kasuv, Hadar hu l’chol chasidav. Hallelukah!

(and) to do to them the punishment written about them in Tanach, (and this will be) a glory for all His pious ones (Yisrael); (and for that day) praise Hashem!

Rom’mos Keil bigronam, v’cherev pifiyos b’yadam.

They say high praises of the Almighty (in a loud voice) with their throat, and these (praises) are like a double-edged sword in their hand (against their enemies).