Bet you’re thinking

That this

Is about the pricey car,

But our Tesla’s worth

Was much higher, by far.

Tesla was our dog

Who has just met a brutal end;

These pitiful words

Salute you, noble friend.


From head to waggy tail

You were a snowy white,

Our happiness and friendship

Were your heart’s delight;

You may not have even known

Just how much you helped our cause,

Ever rarin’ to go

On board, with all four paws!


Our faith is a stronghold,

Our hope, a reservoir.

At Maoz Ester

And Airah Shachar –

Two yishuvim, our homes

As place holders, we stand:

Simple farmers and shepherds

In G-d’s Holy Land.


Arabs are staking claims

Throughout the area,

In the liberated lands

Of Judea and Samaria;

Their strategy is clear:

They seek Israel’s downfall,

Infiltrate and reign terror,

Aiming to destroy us all.


Here at the yishuvim

You won’t find luxury;

What we do have

Has true meaning:

It is the greatest augury.

We have no running water,

No playgrounds for the kids,

No electric,

Only Arabs

May tap into the grids.


These Arabs try to kill us,

Israeli forces beat us, too;

They’ll never comprehend

What it means to be a Jew.

Arab eyes intent upon us,

To kill us,

Steal our goats and sheep.

But, Tesla, watchful sentry,

They’d never catch you asleep!


It was the Border Police

Who caught you,

In the latest mayhem,

When they bulldozed our homes

They crushed you under them!

Said a prayer,

Caught my breath,

When we found you,

But then

Realized, Tesla,

You wouldn’t

Be getting up again.


Was this cruel act done on purpose,

To demoralize?

HaKadosh Baruch Hu knows,

Nothing is hidden

From His eyes.


Many are shocked

As the world

Careens beyond the pale;

All emanates

From the injustice

Done to Jews in Israel.


Goodbye, Tesla,

Loyal, faithful pup;

Don’t you worry, boy,

We’ll never give up.

We always loved you dearly,

You always knew,

And loved us, too.

Goodbye, Good Boy, Tesla –

You good dog, you!

 By Sharon Marcus