More despicable hate was found this week at Forest Park.

“Sadly, antisemitism has struck again in Queens, at Forest Park,” wrote Council Member Lynn Schulman on Monday evening, January 16. Her district encompasses Forest Hills, Rego Park, Richmond Hills, and Kew Gardens where the generally nice and safe park is situated. “Hatred against Jews is a growing issue, and we cannot allow this to keep happening.” The photo posted of swastikas spray-painted onto fallen tree limbs, taken during the day by a keen-eyed passerby, was seen by well over 16,000 on the Twitter social media platform alone. In response, the local 102nd precinct of the New York Police Department immediately arranged for the removal of the offensive graffiti. The police department›s Hate Crimes unit was also made aware of the incident.

Maybe the criminals feel they can indulge in these vile acts because they will be quickly released from jail, maybe it is the bail reform laws that fuel the hate, but something must give, this can no longer go on. Like every day New Yorkers, I have taken far too many strolls along the paths of Flushing Meadows Corona Park seeing literally hundreds of anti-Israel messages that each fan the fires of hatred against Jews. No, we will never support the BDS movement.

 By Shabsie Saphirstein