“This day is

The beginning of Your works” –

Zeh Ha’yom

Techilas ma’asecha –

The Birthday of creation.

Rosh HaShanah,

The first day of Tishrei,

The Head of the Year,

Falls on the last day of creation,

The sixth day, man’s premiere;

It is man who gives purpose

To this world and it’s beauty,

Given free choice,

He holds the key.


Merciful Father,

We are all standing here,

Survivors of a troubled year

Took for granted, Your kindness

In the years of plenty;

Now our hearts are broken,

Our hands raised to You, empty,

The future before us

Seems stark and vague;

We’ve lost many and much

In this terrible plague. 


The shofar cries

“Father, Father!”

Please hear us, Hashem,

Please draw us close

To You again;

Avinu Malkeinu,

King above all, You

Orchestrate all that happens,

Direct all, near and far,

You give life, and take it,

Resurrect the dead;

Before Your throne, angels

Shiver in dread,

Your mercy towards Your children

Transends time and space,

But an indifferent King

Seems to’ve taken Your place!

We see awesome, objective

Judgment and ask

Don’t hide from us, Father,

Please take off that mask!

Our lives are in Your hands,

Your gifts, our every breath,

Let us pass ‘neath Your rod,

Mark Your sheep not, for death.


We thank You, HaKadosh Baruch Hu,

As history’s unfurled,

All can see that You’ve given us

The best of Your world,

Fortitude to keep going

Through days, dark and sunny,

The choicest land, Israel,

Holy Land of

Milk and Honey;

Thank You for the grace

To face

The tough things,

For the shelter

We’ve found

Beneath Your wings,

For the strength and courage

To walk life’s tightrope,

For Your great love, Father,

Is our pride and our hope.

By Sharon Marcus