Our Sages say that the Jewish wife and mother is the sole source of blessing in the home (Bava M’tzia 59a). While every member of the family has his or her unique role and responsibility to play, it is the Jewish wife and mother who has the power to not only frame what is happening but write the script. It is she who sets the tone in the home. What her family will become is to a large extent dependent on who she is, what she knows, and where she is going. This is a woman’s strength and the key to shalom bayis.

Our Sages tell us that “Everything comes from the woman” (B’reishis Rabbah, Parshas B’reishis). The Midrash records the account of a righteous man and a righteous woman who were married but had no children. They eventually decided to get divorced. The righteous man married a wicked woman, and he became “wicked like her,” whereas the righteous woman married a wicked man, and he became “righteous like her.”

This means that even though it is ideal for both the husband and wife to make a joint effort and accept equal responsibility for improving their relationship, on occasion it is only one partner who takes the initiative and responsibility. If that one partner is the woman, then she alone can still accomplish a complete transformation in the marriage even without her husband’s initial full commitment, effort, or understanding.  The Torah tells us that it simply won’t work the other way around.

Chazal also tell us that just as the g’ulah of Mitzrayim was initiated by the women of that generation, that our future redemption will be initiated by the nashim tzidkaniyos, as well. May we merit to participate in and experience that g’ulah b’karov!

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List of People Who Need
a R’fuah Sh’leimah

(a complete recovery)

Please recite Psalms 20, 30, 88, 121, and 130.

Ezra Refael ben Taoos Miriam

Shmuel ben Monavar

Efraim ben Leah

Chaim Hillel ben Rivkah

Yisrael Chaim ben Tamar

Asher ben Rima

Chaim Shmuel ben Leah

Yechiel Nasan ben Sarah

Tinok ben Peninah Esther

Moshe Chai ben Shoshanah

Yaakov ben Esther

Chaim Refael ben Chanah

Mikol ben Nigoria

Boris Baruch ben Frecha Frida

Alter Shmuel ben Chavah Leah

Chaim Avraham ben Shifrah Zisel

Chaim ben Malkah

Yehudah Yudel ben Miriam Gittel

Yehudah ben Peninah

Yura Avner ben Devorah

Yonah Gedaliah ben Pesha


Sarah bas Leah

Rus Victoria bas Tehilah

Esther Malkah Rinah bas Simchah

Malkah bas Tauba

Ronit bas Olga

Perel bas Nechamah

Rachel Leah bas Sarah

Tehilah Hadasah bas Elanah

Hadas bas Orah

Malkah bas Nechamah

Tziporah Stella bas Shirin

Tovah Yocheved bas Esther Bukas

Chayah Shoshanah Tovah bas Esther

Ruchamah Perel Malkah Leah bas Chanah Serel

Gittel bas Sarah

Esther Hadasah bas Devorah

Esther Pessel bas Baila Chayah

Leah bas Chanah Serel

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