The laws of kohanim,


Is the heart of the Torah.

The word korban means

To come close

By offering Hashem

Our animal souls

To channel lifeforce energies

To holiness

Through G-d’s decrees.


Writing “VaYikra,”

Moshe opposed, 

Thought it showed

Hashem giving him

Too much kavod;

The smaller alef,

The compromise,

For Moshe was small

In his own eyes.


At the burning bush

He first heard

Hashem’s call;

Moshe thought himself unworthy,

Thought himself too small.

But when the need arose

To defend his flock,

He showed chutzpah and daring,

Pulling out all the stops.


David was just a shepherd

In the fields, on his own

He became the sweetest singer

Ever known.

Gave his flock tender care

Like no one else;

When beasts tried to kill his sheep,

He was a lion himself.

Goliath thought young David

A foolhardy knave

For G-d and Israel’s honor;

The boy stood proud and brave.

When crowned king,

Through the crowds

With his retinue,

David confessed to them:

I am as amazed as you!


Like the moon, both

Humble and majestic,

Man’s greatness

In this world, a cyclic dynamic

Broken and diminished;

Light concealed

Amongst the downcast,

G-d’s true greatness

Is revealed.


The alef is silent,

The spirit makes no sound

For, amongst the lowly

HaKadosh Baruch Hu is found.

Written backwards, alef

Spells “peleh” –

Wonder inexplicable,

Within all of existence

Hashem loves the humble.


Moshe Rabbeinu’s

Heart was broken;

He rejoiced in his mission,

But, by the same token,

In Moshe’s great humility

He believed another

Could have done

Better than him.

By Sharon Marcus