Moshe fasted six days,

Reached an angelic state,

Passed before the fiery beings

Within Shamayim’s gate.

For 40 days and 40 nights,

Stood before Hashem’s throne,

Received the Torah,

Carved by G-d’s finger

Into tablets of stone.


HaKadosh Baruch Hu

Sent Moshe down,

The bad news was abrupt:

Worshipping a molten calf,

His flock became corrupt.


The right side’s

Laws between G-d and Man

Were being disobeyed;

HaKadosh Baruch Hu, their Savior,

Abandoned and betrayed.


Moshe brought down the Luchos,

Still seeking to know

What of the laws

Of the left tablet –

Laws between man and his fellow?


Descending, Moshe realized

The laws of the left side

Had also been broken;

The whole Torah, denied,

The mob had done murder,

Chur’s homicide –

The consequence for trying

To stop their mad joyride.


Aharon and the 70 Elders

Tried to stay Moshe’s hand,

Tried to save the Torah,

But, had Moshe let it stand,

It would condemn his people.

Hard copy

Of the contract deployed,

All Moshe toiled for

With all his soul –

It had to be destroyed.


Smashing them as Moshe did

Was not an act of wrath,

But an attempt to save his flock,

To plead on their behalf.


Hashem, they were idolaters in Egypt,

Yet You called them

“My child, My firstborn”;

Your love for their forefathers

And Your nation, forever sworn.


The Torah’s teaching surpasses all,

Though perfect by design;

It is made for imperfect people

So that their souls may shine.


Wrong choices, failure, defiance,

Things human beings do;

But, at Your Hand, forgiveness,

Let us return to You.


When Moshe Rabbeinu had

Fulfilled his days,

This was HaKadosh Baruch Hu’s

Highest praise:

You broke the tablets, Moshe,

Shattering them,

Well done,

Faithful servant of Hashem!

By Sharon Marcus