Yosef’s brothers hated him

For their father’s favoritism

Fostered resentment,

A fraternal schism.

Yosef was young and immature,

Relayed to his brothers his dreams of grandeur.

The kingship in them that he foresaw,

Proved to be the final straw.

His brothers threw Joseph into a pit,

Darkness breaking his spirit,

Judged him a rodef, sold him as a slave;

His Father Yaakov sat in darkness,

Sure of mourning to his grave


The fortunes of man rise and fall,

HaKadosh Baruch Hu orchestrating all;

Reuven’s first-born status had been revoked,

Given to Yosef, royally cloaked.

Yosef cast down, by his brothers’ strife.

Yehudah ruled that day, saving Yosef’s life;

Yehudah humbled himself

As Yosef was risen

To Viceroy, from the depths of prison.

The brothers all bowed before him

They were tested, then forgiven;

Twelve tribes made whole,

The world made right,

Their father Yaakov’s final years

Found contentment and light.


These are times of darkness,

The truth buried and concealed;

Evidence is mounting,

Stunning lawlessness revealed.


One truck from Bethpage, New York,

To Lancaster, PA,

Held twenty-four pallets

Of counterfeit ballots;

The driver, though non-political,

Deemed coming forward critical.


The latest surfacing video footage

Of blatant ballot pilferage:

24,000 bogus ballots

Stashed in a suitcase,

Phony ballots turning up, all over the place.


More witnesses and evidence

Waiting in the wings,

Bombshell revelations, historic hearings;

Media boycotting them,

Their stonewalling stark,

Trying to keep the truth hidden,

Trying to keep us in the dark.

Only covering Joe Biden,

Who looks quite haughty and smug;

Thinks his election thievery

Safely swept under the rug.


Where are you hiding, Attorney General William Barr?

Things have already gone too far.

Appoint Special Counsel to investigate;

Do the job you are sworn to, before it’s too late.

Rigged software, confirmed data,

What more do you need?

Will you sit by and allow

This travesty to succeed?


Like thorns in our eyes,

Lies darken and abound;

Just one spark, from G-d’s anvil

Could burn them all down.

Lay Your Great Hammer to the anvil

Please, HaKadosh Baruch Hu;

We know our only Friend

Has always been You.


Ten flames were unable

To snuff out one;

Light’s beginning to peer through

Like the morning sun.

May this dark era end

As we keep faith and reminisce;

May Hashem dispel the darkness

With the light of justice!

 By Sharon Marcus