As a religious Zionist school, the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls has always made the State of Israel a primary focus. SKA’s student initiative, the Israel Awareness Committee, has been very active in the school over the years, organizing workshops to teach students how to stand up for Israel on college campuses, showcasing speakers from the IDF and those who are victims of terror, and conducting fundraisers for Israelis’ needs. Annual AIPAC visits, lobbying trips to Washington, and letter-writing campaigns to advocate for Israel have been some of the missions of SKA’s IAC.

This year’s SKA’s IAC schoolwide kickoff took place on Tuesday, November 2. The goal of the event was to expose the world’s anti-Israel bias. The students visited different rooms and watched presentations given by members of the Israel Awareness Committee. The presentations, created by the Committee members and IAC advisor, Ms. Sarah Meira Weissman, discussed issues such as BDS, anti-Semitism on college campuses, anti-Zionist celebrities, The New York Times’ anti-Israel bias, and the UN’s targeted attacks toward Israel. The members of the Committee created engaging and interesting presentations that enabled the students to learn about these important topics in a unique and interactive way! The student presenters were eloquent, dynamic, and extremely knowledgeable about their topics.

The blue and white cookies distributed at the close of the event was a sweet symbol of the theme of the day. We look forward to more SKA IAC events this year!