“Op-ed: I don’t want to live in a world where a mother of seven and successful judge makes it to the highest court in the land”

 “Biden says Mao Zedong’s ‘Cultural Revolution’ was ‘just an idea’” 

“Newly surfaced letter from JFK reveals his last dying wish was to leave the presidency vacant until the next election”

 “Breaking: White House will put out pre-recorded video of Trump condemning white supremacy every ten minutes”

 “Trump under fire for not condemning white supremacy after being discharged from hospital”

 “Trump defeats ‘mostly peaceful’ virus”

 “Coronavirus breathes sigh of relief after finally testing negative for Trump”

 “Biden says he performed well at the VP debate”

 “New poll shows fly on Pence’s head won VP debate”

 “Question for next presidential debate leaked: “Mr. President, do you condemn Genghis Khan?”

 “Democrats to launch investigation into how Trump made America great again”

 “CDC now recommends everyone wear a hazmat suit while taking a shower in your own home”

 “Poll shows majority of Americans support renewing Trump presidency for highly anticipated second season”

 “Nation’s neo-Nazis disappointed Trump didn’t turn out to be ‘literally just like Hitler’”

 “Shocking: Celebrities with no moral compass endorse senile guy with no moral compass”

By Rafi Metz