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This is the time of year when people email each other far more than usual. Most of the correspondence centers around wishing “A Happy and Healthy New Year” but, for some reason, the emails I receive are much different.

There isn’t a Jew in the world who isn’t asking some very tough questions at this time – and I have my share, as well. But let me be perfectly clear in what I am about to write: Now is not the time to ask these questions! Yes, we need to clarify and understand the failings and tragic errors – and at the appropriate time we will demand answers – but not at this time.

Many years ago, a wonderful fighter for the Jewish people, Shifra Hoffman a”h, coined a term that I never forgot. She said that our leader, Moshe Rabbeinu, referred to the Jewish nation as “a stiff-necked people” (Sh’mos 34:9). Now, however, we have become “a short-necked people.” She explained this to mean that when things get difficult for our nation and we reach out to our leaders for help, they put their hands and shoulders up, making their necks very short, and say, “Sorry, but what can we do?”

I’ll get right to the point: Every Jew needs to see this movie.

This Yom Kippur marks 50 years since the Yom Kippur War, when Israel lost 2,656 brave soldiers plus had over 9,000 wounded. If not for Hashem’s help – guiding the hands of some incredible heroes – the outcome would have been far worse. During the war, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan told Prime Minister Golda Meir the famous words: “We are facing the destruction of the Third Temple.” The fact that this Yom Kippur – 5784 – we will pray to Hashem in a beautiful, quiet and Jewish Eretz Yisrael is nothing short of a miracle.