My Thoughts On The Passing Of R' David Keehn

Dear Editor:

 As stated by others, he did go beyond the call of duty to help the community and his patients. But he went a lot further than that. He helped individuals, as well, when they were going through difficult times, no matter if they were relatives or not. I can attest to that fact, as over the last two years I have been going through a personal crisis, and he has been providing me with guidance and assistance that has been very helpful to me in dealing with this situation. And he never did so to score mitzvah points, although I am certain he raked up many for all the self-sacrifice and kindness he has shown. When my mother passed away, even though it was a work day and bad weather, he came to the funeral to provide me with great comfort. And he did many other things for me that are too numerous to put in writing.

I want to thank his wife Andrea for putting up with me all these years, as I am not the easiest person to deal with, and the hospitality that she and David provided me with, in having me over for Shabbos and Yom Tov meals.

May she and the family only experience smachos from now on. And I am certain that she will continue to experience nachas from her children.

 Alan Fenster

English Transphobic Is Grammar

Dear Editor:

 There are nothing in this world which aren’t transphobic. Literally everything are transphobic, which include the English grammars. Yes, even the English grammars. Which is why I has elected to write the incoherent editorial only few people will deciphered.

Consider that editorial as a example. For those whom isn’t aware, my preferred pronouns is he/him, she/her, and they/them. You also probably isn’t aware that they have expended alots of times and energies writing a editorial that he admitting does not conformed to the standards rules of English grammars. Nevertheless, she are very proud of the work he’s produce over the past several year. It are not easy composing a letter that violate every single grammar rules in the book, and them can attest to this personally. But if I is able to do it, and if he are able to do it, and if she are able to do it, and if they is able to do it, then everyone can does it.

Anyone whom disagrees with they are a transphobic bigots.

 Rafi Metz

Dear Editor:

 As is his MO, Mr. Hecht conveniently leaves one key person off his loser list and that is President Biden. The President is sitting at record low approval ratings due to his mismanagement of Afghanistan, his pro-illegal immigrant policies, which are anti-citizen, and America’s skyrocketing inflation. Yes, the infrastructure bill passed, so I understand why it made the “winner” list. However, this will only exacerbate an already reeling economy that’s being massively decimated by the rise in everyday expenses, such as gasoline, natural gas, food, cars, etc., and therefore should really be on the “loser” list.

The vice-president’s approval is even worse than Biden’s. It’s no wonder that their trips, along with former President Obama, to Virginia to endorse the Democratic candidate in Virginia cost him the election. It’s the same on Long Island, where Nassau County swept red in the County Executive, Attorney General, and legislative races. His policies stink, and New York’s no-cash bail law is harmful to the residents of the county.

President Trump did not lose, despite Mr. Hecht’s say-so. He fully endorsed the Republican candidates in Virginia, and they WON! They ran on an America-first agenda – pro-citizen, pro-family. Oh, Mr. Hecht, other winners not on your list are the first black woman elected lieutenant governor of Virginia and the first Hispanic elected Attorney General of Virginia. So, for all the talk about Republicans being racist is bogus. But they didn’t make the cut on Mr. Hecht’s list because we all know that it’s the Democrats who have that problem. That’s why they push for the 1619 Project and the Critical Race Theory, and every Second Amendment defender is a white supremacist.

 Shalom Markowitz

Dear Editor:

 Governor Kathy Hochul’s recent ride on a test train to the new Long Island Rail Road Grand Central Terminal was a great photo op, but omitted critical facts. Since 2001, costs have grown from $3.5 billion to $11.2 billion today. This does not include $4 billion more for “readiness projects” carried offline from the official project budget.

The opening service date slipped from 2009 to December 2022.

In our post-COVID-19 world, 60,000 new LIRR riders on opening in December 2022 remains doubtful. Riders saving 40 minutes depends on how long it takes to exit, followed by how many blocks walking, and transfer to a subway or bus, before reaching their final destination.

Travel time from Jamaica to Grand Central Terminal was 27 minutes versus 20 minutes to Penn Station. The subway from Penn Station one stop to Times Square, transferring to the 42nd Street Shuttle arriving in GCT is seven minutes or less.

Many will continue telecommuting from home, part or full time. There will be fewer face-to-face meetings and conferences, with increased usage of teleconference technologies. Manhattan-based corporations continue downsizing. Others are relocating employees to suburban offices closer to home.

Larry Penner