Dear Editor:

Chad Gadya shows us how best to protect klal Yisrael from antisemitism.

We learn that on this earth there will always be someone bigger, stronger, and more powerful than us – but that ends when it gets to Hashem.

  • Jews can learn boxing. Antisemites will learn boxing and wrestling.
  • Jews can form defense patrol units of 20 men who are all six feet tall. Antisemites will counter with 50 men who are six and a half feet tall.
  • Jews can arm themselves with guns. Antisemites will arm themselves with bazookas.
  • Jews can back a politically ally. Antisemites will gather the votes or uncover a scandal to unseat.
  • Jews can run away. Antisemites will pursue them in cars.
  • Jews embrace Torah, mitzvos, chesed, and love for one another. The antisemites get defeated.

The answer to protect klal Yisrael is to embrace Hashem. Start trying to daven more/better, curb lashon ha’ra (after all is said and done, the story told over really isn’t that entertaining), do acts of chesed no matter how small. The only answer is to turn to Hashem.

 Steven Moops

Dear Editor:

Many of the articles and ads you’ve featured over the past few weeks advocate on behalf of certain candidates in upcoming primary elections. Overwhelmingly, these candidates and elections are of the Democratic Party. I find myself at a continual loss as to how members of the Orthodox community can continue to associate with that group.

While I’m familiar with all of the arguments about having a voice, the lack of a Republican base in New York City, etc., I can’t help but see these as pathetic, ill-examined excuses. This past month, you, your readers, and I have witnessed widespread Democratic condemnation of Israel and a lack thereof when it comes to anti-Semitic attacks, right here in our city. There is no sense in rambling on here. I just want to make plain that if you are a registered Democrat, you are a member of the same club as Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Mr. Warren Hecht.

 Elliott Blitenthal


Dear Editor:

My wife and I would like to publicly thank Zvi Gluck of the Amudim Organization for all his efforts to acquire our permits to Israel.

It is important to note that only those with first-degree relatives living in Eretz Yisrael can travel there. A tremendous amount of paperwork prior to getting a permit is involved, and the list of required documentation is quite abundant. Moreover, you need a COVID-19 test 72 hours prior to your flight, vaccination cards, etc. Additionally, you must be tested in Israel on arrival for COVID-19. You also need a serological test and a COVID-19 test prior to your return trip. All in all, it was an amazing four days in Israel... and yes, many tests.

After all the hoops we had to jump through, Atara and I were immensely thrilled to be walking together to the Kosel and to see our grandchildren after an 18-month separation.

It is overwhelming how much paperwork – and COVID and antibody testing – is required before a permit is issued granting permission to board a flight to Eretz Yisrael.

We were fortunate to receive the help of Zvi and thank his wonderful team at Amudim. Zvi not only made sure all was in order, but went above and beyond to personally ensure the Israeli Consulate would grant us our necessary documentation. I understand that Zvi has helped many others to attend weddings and funerals. If you need help traveling to Israel or would like to donate to a pristine organization, visit

 Yaakov Serle