Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to Rabbi Schonfeld’s article, entitled “Bamos: Still a Major Problem.”

As I read it, I started to reflect on the reason we daven in a shul, rather than gathering in someone’s home. While this is not an option for me and for many men and women who live in apartments, it is an option for those who live in homes and have backyards. I can see the temptation to davening in a home. It is a more relaxed atmosphere. However, we sacrifice the dignity of the service. There is no reminder, a sign saying you are in front of Hashem. There is no aron kodesh with sifrei Torah standing tall, waiting to be taken out.

Furthermore, I associate a backyard with a picnic or barbecue. I would imagine that it is somewhat distracting to be outside watching nature. In other words, a shul has the aura of a makom kadosh, whereas an outdoor minyan does not have that. I hope that people will reflect on the k’dushah of a shul vs. an outdoor service and come back to the synagogue.

Thank you, Rabbi, for bringing this to our attention!

 Rachel Epstein, LMSW
Kew Gardens, New York


Dear Editor:

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading Goldy Krantz’s column. I know she’s young, but she must have an old soul. It was reminiscent reading about how people communicated before phones and texts, how people wrote letters and the loveliness of the words in them. I have read many letters written to and from those in history and I find their written words to be enchanting. What society has done to the English language is shameful. The other day, my son texted “smh.” I thought it was a typo and sent him a few “??” (question marks). He sent it again. Finally, I asked what he was trying to say. He said, “Shake My Head.” He couldn’t believe what I had texted him earlier, so it was if he were standing in front of me shaking his head in disbelief. Oyyyy.

And when I get texts like “gonna be home soon....” I can relate to Goldy. There is just something about the letters written that gives us a peek inside relationships. I’m sorry to say it, but the way friends and family communicate today makes me “smh” over what we are losing. No time to speak or write correctly? Abbreviations are really going to help you save time? Puh-lease.

This past week’s column had me reliving my first few years as a new bride and trying to figure out how to get along with my husband’s Bubby. My mother-in-law was a doll, but his Bubby was one tough cookie. Whatever she said had to be done. She ruled that family with an iron fist. And she knew it! She’d say jump, just to see if you would put down what you were doing to jump.

I had to learn my way around Bubby and how to kindly refuse or say “no.” Eventually, I learned my way around Bubby – but under all that iron was a heart of gold and sugar.

But Goldy is correct: Never badmouth a mother to her child. Never cross the line of making a playful joke into poking fun at someone. The boy knows his mother. Seems like all the children and children-in-law know the mother. My advice: Talk to your own mother when you want to vent about what exasperated thing the shvigger just did and keep your mouth closed at family get-togethers and around the dinner table. That’s advice passed down from my mother, and I’ve used it all these years. It was sound advice Goldy gave, and I’m sure she got it from her mother – that was one smart lady who is dearly missed.

Keep up the great column!

Tzipora Dobin


Dear Editor:

Democrats Push to Make Palestinian Territories 51st State of The Union (Satire)

WASHINGTON, DC—Congressional Democrats proposed a House Resolution today that would make the Palestinian Territories the 51st State of the Union. The name of the newly-proposed state would be the “State of Palestine.”

Reports indicate that Democrats have been working on the proposal for weeks already. Many Democratic lawmakers think that while DC statehood is unfeasible and a losing issue, their current proposal may garner more support from both sides of the political aisle.

“The Palestinians have suffered far too long,” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Hamas) said. “They’ve been stateless for decades. Their oppression and suffering are beyond anyone’s imagination. It’s only right that we admit the Palestinian Territories as the 51st State of the United States. It’s the moral thing to do.”

According to the proposal, the State of Palestine would have its own state government, governed by former members of Hamas, which made Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar especially happy. It will receive two senators like every state, and will have six congressional representatives in proportion to its population. It will also receive a total of eight votes in the Electoral College.

The new state’s slogan will be “The Terrorist State.”

(For more satirical content, visit

 Rafi Metz


Dear Editor:

Two quotes from Manny Behar (Queens Jewish Link, April 22):

  1. “Whoever wins the Democratic Primary will win the General Election.”
  2. “If you want to have an impact on who will represent us, you must vote in the Democratic Primary.”

Neither of these statements need necessarily be true and both are dangerous. But they’re not surprising coming from Manny, who has a history of making dogmatic but untrue statements right here in the Link. Some weeks ago, he insisted that David Dinkins was a true mentch and that Trump’s claims of voter fraud were baseless.

For now, however, let’s consider the above quotes. It requires little thought to see that whoever acts on these statements as being absolute truth and follows Manny’s advice ensures that there will always be a Democratic government in New York City. Always. I believe that this is not what the readership of the Queens Jewish Link wants or is happy with. And I’m certain that it doesn’t have to be this way, especially this year. De Blasio and Cuomo have shown themselves so corrupt, hypocritical, and unpopular, that the whole Democratic establishment has been besmirched by them, and people are so ready for a change that this year there are actually serious Republican contenders for Mayor. The significance of the Mayoral election is far greater, and the office of Mayor is so much more powerful than that of a City Council member (one out of 54) or Borough President (an essentially powerless figurehead position), and yet Manny Behar devotes most of his article to the latter. I wonder why.

The power and influence of the Mayor towers over the council members and over the Borough President. But you can’t choose which Republican mayoral candidate will run in the general election unless you’re a registered Republican. So fellow readers, I suggest you disregard Manny Behar’s advice, and if you’re currently Republican, stay that way and if not, by all means switch to Republican. Two leading Republican contenders for Mayor are Curtis Sliwa (of Guardian Angel fame) and Fernando Mateo. Who was that last one? Yes, Fernando Mateo. By far the best candidate and the one with the most winnable qualifications. Fernando is an amazing man. A Black Hispanic who came to this country in 1950, and was adopted by a Jewish family at age 14. Of his adoptive Jewish parents, he says, “They were my role models. They were my everything. They took me out of my ‘hood and taught me the other side of the coin. They taught me the values of hard work, the values of believing in yourself, of integrity, and I am who I am today because of the Waxman family.” “I am proud to say that the Jewish community is a community that I owe who I am today.” “I will never forget what I was given.”

Mateo started his first business at age 17 and went on to become the CEO of the largest minority owned business in America. [See the entire Breitbart interview online for his many other noteworthy financial and civic accomplishments.] But far more important than his racial and ethnic vote-getting qualities is that he is a true long-standing conservative Republican out of conviction, not convenience. A man with our values! (Curtis Sliwa became a “Republican” last year.) Mateo proudly notes that he was an active Trump supporter in the 2016 election. (Sliwa worked for Trump’s opponent.) Mateo seems to be the only candidate who can and is committed to returning New York City to its former glory. Let’s not miss this opportunity.

 David Eisenberg


Dear Editor:

The deep state strikes again. The Department of Justice (DOJ) – which included the FBI and CIA – has found a new victim. The DOJ has long given up any pretense of pursuing justice. The DOJ does not work for the USA. The DOJ works for the radical Democratic Party. Unlike a certain left-wing writer for this paper, I do not make unfounded allegations. My conclusions are based on undeniable facts.

One important example of DOJ corruption is the Flynn case. The DOJ wanted to get Flynn because he was an ally of Trump. But they did not have any crimes to charge him with. So they simply created a crime. The FBI created a phony interview for the purpose of setting up a perjury trap for Flynn. Then they told him that he didn’t need a lawyer. They caught in some mistake and went after him. After the Barr DOJ dropped the case, the left-wing judge, Sullivan, appointed a new prosecutor. Garland (who is now the Attorney General under Biden) was one of the judges who ruled that Sullivan could be both a judge and prosecutor in this case. In other words, it is okay to bend the law into a pretzel to get at Trump allies.

The FBI agent, Peter Strock, said that he hates Trump and his supporters so much that he can smell them. He used a phony dossier that was paid for by Hillary Clinton to get FISA warrants. This was illegal, but since it was against Trump, it was okay.

Garland announced that the single worst problem in this country is White Supremacists. Biden also stated this in his pathetic speech. The left-wing definition of a White Supremacist is someone who is not a leftist. Garland will be going after all Trump allies. He just had FBI agents storm the house of Rudolph Giuliani and grab his electronic equipment. Giuliani’s crime is that he was a lawyer for Trump. Meanwhile, the DOJ ignored the crimes of Biden and his son Hunter.

In other news, the Arizona forensic examination is underway. The Democrats are denouncing this. Why?? Could it be that they are hiding something? I am more convinced of fraud in the 2020 Presidential election than ever.

The Left is imposing their views on everyone. People are entitled to free speech as long as it conforms to the radical left agenda. If anyone dares to speak out, they are ostracized and canceled. This is not America! This is China! We need to speak out and donate to the Republicans who are against this.

We must stop this radical agenda before it is too late.

 Martin Berkowitz


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