Dear Editor:

 For the last few years, I get and check many Jewish American papers the week that includes November 11. Every year, and again this year, much of the Jewish press left out an important remembrance.

During World War II, there was a group of Jews I believe the Nazis hated more than any other Jewish group – so much hatred that they wanted this group of Jews killed before they entered the camps.

While on tracks leading to the gas chambers and work camps, the Nazis dreaded the arrival of these Jews. Why? These Jews wore kipos made of steel. Their prayer shawls around their shoulders contained hundreds of bullets. The tracks they were on were not train tracks but tank tracks. They were the Jews with the Army of the United States.

This being an American Jewish paper, why the lack of writing about American Jewish Veterans? Many of the Holocaust survivors were younger than those who liberated them. There will be Holocaust survivors long after the American Jewish Liberators are gone. It is now the time to honor and thank those who crossed an ocean to free those oppressed. Now is the time to hear their stories and thank them before they are gone.

Veterans Day and Memorial Day should be included in the thoughts of the American Jewish community and Jewish press every year.

Without the liberators succeeding, this paper probably would not exist.

 Larry Klass
A Veteran Who Is Also the Son of a Jewish Veteran


Dear Editor:

 Thank you to Sergey Kadinsky for the beautiful article in last week’s issue about the free distribution for local rebbeim and moros. The organizers would like to express our hakaras ha’tov to Hashem for expanding this tz’dakah to include m’lamdim and moros from our local yeshivos.

For those who are not aware, Chickens for Shabbos is an organization specializing in helping three categories of families: agunos, g’rushos, and m’lamdim. They help 300 families of m’lamdim, and 110 families of agunos and g’rushos. They privately tutor 222 children of agunos and g’rushos, including both boys and girls. This translates into thousands of neshamos begging for help. This tz’dakah operates at zero overhead. There are no words to express our gratitude for your continued financial support. These neshamos that you help will be an advocate for you. Please help us at, the tz’dakah that simply has one goal in mind: “to take away the pain of poverty and replace it with great memories.”

 Robbie Neuman


Dear Editor:

 About three years ago, Rav Dovid Feinstein ordered furniture at my factory for his Rebbetzin. The kavod he displayed to his wife was memorable. He greeted my employees with respect and he had an aura of k’dushah surrounding him. I asked him to hold my furniture brochure and he was so gracious. The picture shows his m’nuchas ha’nefesh. May Rav Dovid be a meilitz yosher for klal Yisrael!

 Michael Rollhaus


Dear Editor:

 I am writing regarding Warren Hecht’s last column, which I found to be written in a quite high-handed way, reminiscent of all of the other leftists on Twitter. Mr. Hecht, in his self-assuredness, writes that the election is over and we need to stop writing about politics and write more about saving lives. The way he extorts his fellow columnists to only talk about COVID instead of “rehashing the election,” when he himself uses his column to talk misleadingly about the Electoral College, is quite hypocritical as well as virtue-signaling. Apparently, COVID is so important and scary that Mr. Hecht believes he has the right to tell other columnists what to talk about.

Mr. Hecht, have you ever heard of freedom of speech? If COVID is so important, then why didn’t you use your column to talk about that instead of talking about the Electoral College and criticizing what you call “Trumpians”? He also says “the election is over” as a reason to stop discussing it. The election is not over until we resolve all of the well-founded evidence of fraud. Furthermore, “the election is over” is not a reason to stop discussing politics. We must continue to discuss politics and history, for those who do not know history and politics are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Mr. Hecht presents his theory about abolishing the Electoral College because it is “antidemocratic,” as if this is a new-fangled idea that is self-evident, and as if this idea has not been historically dealt with. Sorry, Mr. Hecht, but I’m not going to let you spread that as if that’s all there is to it. Mr. Hecht’s theory is in fact not new at all, and every high school student worth his or her salt knows that there are many counter-arguments that Mr. Hecht sweeps under the rug.

The Electoral College is not intended to provide true democracy, because true democracy leads to the kind of mob rule we now face in our inner cities with all the riots. True democracy means the tyranny of the majority over the minority, and the leftists, conveniently forgetting this, play directly into their hypocrisy of claiming to be pro-minorities. Getting rid of the Electoral College means that cities rule over rural areas, and it means that a president can entirely ignore rural areas in his policy-making decisions and campaigning strategies. The founders knew that the cities need the rural areas to survive, and as such the rural areas need protection much like leftists like to say minorities need protection. And yet it is only leftists who wish for the abolishment of the Electoral College. The reason for this, of course, like anything else leftists try to change, is to change the rules of politics in a power grab that benefits them. This is not about democracy; this is a power grab, and is the same reason why leftists want to end the filibuster, promote censorship online, and pack the court.

Other arguments include that the Electoral College forces the president to campaign to a larger, more diverse audience (which also promotes minorities), and that the Electoral College makes it harder to commit voter fraud, although apparently not impossible with all of the fraud that’s happening right now. And yes, there are counter-arguments to my counter-arguments as well, which you should be aware of. Not everyone agrees with the mob rule scenario I presented. Wikipedia provides a bit of an overview, although they lack details. To the readers of the Queens Jewish Link, don’t trust me, don’t trust Mr. Hecht, and certainly don’t trust the mainstream media or social media. This is a complex issue, so do your own research and make your own decisions, and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not allowed to discuss something! Politics is here to stay, and COVID will hopefully go away soon, so now is a great time to discuss politics in the columns!



Dear Editor:

This Week’s Headlines

“Biden insists he won’t reveal his position on accepting the election results until after the election”

“New Fox News poll shows Trump doing well in Greenland”

“Report: Major delays with election results due to Common Core math”

“CNN: Trump eats lunch while millions of Americans suffer during pandemic”

“Ben Shapiro reportedly sent every major news outlet leftist tears-mugs in case Trump wins reelection”

“Nation bracing for intensely peaceful protests by boarding up every business in the country in case Trump wins reelection”

“Snopes: Trump’s claim that ‘It’s a good morning’ is ‘mostly false’”

“Report: Biden will return to the good-old-days of bombing the Middle East and droning civilians”

“New poll shows Democratic voter turnout highest among nation’s cemeteries”

“Experts warn we may not find out election results until 2037”

“Nation relieved that anyone not named Hillary Clinton will become the next president”

“A record-breaking 500 million Americans have voted in the election so far”

“Now that Biden has been declared president, media relieved to go on vacation for the next four years”

“Report: Even Abraham Lincoln is distancing himself from the Lincoln Project”

 Rafi Metz


Dear Editor:

 The deep state strikes again. Since Trump took office, the media, FBI, CIA, and the rest of the Deep State have tried to undermine Trump and force him out of office. First the phony Russian collusion hoax, then the phony impeachment. Then the FDA and their accomplices delayed announcement in order to make Trump look bad. Suddenly a week after the election, the vaccine was announced. What a coincidence!

Now the fraudulent election. Trump is about to win and then suddenly the counting is stopped in many key battleground states that happened to have Democratic governors. Then, for some strange reason, a large number of mail-in ballots popped up in the middle of the night. All of them voted only for Biden and did not have any voting the other names on the ballot. In addition, a Court order was ignored and the Trump team was not allowed access to the fraudulent counting. What did they have to hide? Someone from the post office signed an affidavit stating that he was told to change the stamp on the mail-in ballots to allow more votes for Biden.

There are many other cases of fraud that will be exposed in the near future. The Democratic Party and their lackeys are corrupt and evil. They are bad for this country and bad for the Jews and Israel. May Hashem have rachamim on us and foil their plans. We must daven harder than ever.

 Martin Berkowitz


Dear Editor:

 A President-elect Democrat Joe Biden’s campaign promises that will cost trillions overlooked the fact that Washington can’t bail out everyone. Our federal $27 trillion long-term debt will grow $1 trillion more annually until 2030. The first series of CARE COVID-19 relief bills totaled $3.7 trillion, primarily borrowed money. Congress and the White House are negotiating another second CARE COVID-19 bailout between $600 billion and $2.2 trillion. Biden will ask Congress for trillions more. How will we pay for this? Only government can max out its credit cards with no consequences. Sooner or later, China and other creditor nations will collect the bill. You can’t continue forever spending money you don’t have.

Government and the private sector must make difficult financial decisions on how to use existing resources. Americans prioritize their own family budgets. They make the difficult choices in how existing resources will be spent. If it can wait till later, it should be postponed. Why doesn’t City Hall with a budget that has grown by $20 billion over the past five years do likewise?

The President-elect and Congress need to offset some of these costs by changing priorities within the fiscal year 2021 $5 trillion budget.

Larry Penner, Great Neck, Long Island