Becoming a rabbi was always a dream of mine. After all, I had two older brothers , a brother-in-law, a mechutan, and a son, R’ Binyomin Yehudah, who were rabbis. It is an honor and a privilege to join them in this illustrious society. I have had so many great and erudite rabbis who have shown me the way, including Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky, shita , Rabbi Pinchas Scheinberg, z”l, Rabbi Aron Soloveichik, z”l, Rabbi Nisson Alpert, z”l, Rabbi Amos Bunim, z”l, Rabbi Schulem Rubin, z”l, Rabbi Yehudah Bohrer, z”l, and Rabbi Shlomo Hochberg, shlita, to name just a few. They have all imparted and continue to imbue great love of Torah to the Jewish people. I could never thank them enough.

It came as a shock to hear that Special Representative for International Negotiations to President Trump Jason Greenblatt was resigning from his post.

It comes at a critical time. The Israeli elections are looming, Secretary of State Pompeo is about to announce a Middle East peace plan, and talk of another Gaza invasion is constant.

Just back from Israel and the redo elections. It was a dizzying week for all. If Avigdor Lieberman would give up his shenanigans, then a third election in January may not be necessary. He needs a big bear hug by the right. At the moment, the main victor in this election was the Joint List, whereupon the Arab party became Israel’s third-largest party. Truth be told, if this trend continues, the Arab party can garner over 20 Knesset seats in future elections since they represent 20% of the Israeli population. They are close to that now. Although the Joint List took more votes away from the left, it may just as well have taken seats away from the right as well. When the Arabs vote in droves, which is their Democratic right in Israel, they push the threshold for seats higher and higher, making it harder for the smaller parties to even pass the threshold. This has been a seismic shift in Israeli politics that will only get worse. The Joint List includes Ahmed Tibi, who is viciously anti-Israel. Mahmoud Abbas encouraged Israeli Arabs to vote in order to topple Benjamin Netanyahu. The media never gives Israel any credit for its truly Democratic way. The Arabs never took advantage of Israel’s democracy until recent times. They would always cut their nose to spite their face. Not anymore. This is the real take-home message of this election. This is the upheaval that Israel now faces.

Eugen Gluck, of blessed memory, was a gift from heaven. He was a giant among mere mortals. He was first and foremost a righteous man. He was no doubt one of a kind. He was beyond unique. If there was an exemplary human being on Planet Earth to model oneself after or aspire to become, it would be Eugen Gluck. He set the bar extremely high and taught anyone who met him or knew him what was expected of us in our lifetimes.

Venezuela is in crisis. Although the Trump administration has given a big boost to opposition leader Juan Guaido, despot and dictator Nicolas Maduro still remains in power. It had become one of former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s chief initiatives. Progress had been made and it is the hope of all that President Trump will continue his strong backing of Juan Guaido. It is in the interests of the free world to make sure we get to the finish line on this vital mission.

President Trump does not mince words; he gets right to the point. He cuts right to the chase, and truth is not easy to swallow. However, truth is essential for civilization to thrive and endure. The president did not get to be a highly successful businessman and Commander in Chief by beating around the bush and avoiding the truth. The media just does not like hearing the truth. They would rather listen to Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib spout one untruth after another. Most of the Muslim world is still in the Middle Ages because of people like Omar and Tlaib. Civilization cannot grow and thrive if lies and distortions rule the roost. Unfortunately, this is precisely why the Muslim world cannot get out of their box.