King Achashveirosh

Threw a party

With every type of wine

To celebrate the passing

Of the 70-year deadline;

The prophecy of salvation

Would never come to be,

The G-d of the Jews had forgotten them,

Left them adrift at sea.


Sacred vessels

From the Beis HaMikdash,

Prized among his plundered things,

Vestments of the K’hunah

Worn by the drunken king.


The first Persian king Koresh

Had the wisdom to discern,

Gave the exiled Jews 

The right to return

To Israel, rebuild the Temple,

Answer G-d’s call to redemption;

But they shelved it,

Kept it in mind

As an eventual intention.


Fading into Persian culture

Caused the Jews of Shushan

To become prey

For the teeth

Of the wicked Haman.


The Jews are the most

Brazen of all the nations,

A quality needed

In many situations

To keep the Torah,

Steadfastly maintain our values;

Boldness is the course

We sometimes must choose.


King Shaul, of the tribe of Benjamin,

Was bashful and humble –

These traits, though usually noble,

Caused King Shaul to stumble;

His descendant, Esther,

Was at first, reticent and quiet,

But sprang forward like a leopard,

Heard the call and didn’t deny it.


Declared a fast on Pesach,

Bravely approached the crown,

Righted King Shaul’s error

When she took Amaleik down.


Sometimes HaKadosh Baruch Hu

Asks us to walk the line,

Face down our worst antagonist

Before we see a sign;

Sometimes G-d turns His face from us

When we turn away from Him,

But HaKadosh Baruch Hu

Always comes through

As when He saved us on Purim.


By Sharon Marcus